This Accident Reporting Training programme is designed for everyone to use. It explains what accident reporting is, why it’s important and what could be included in a report.

It ensures that everyone in your workplace knows how to complete a clear and concise accident report if they’re involved in an accident or incident at work.

It also explains how good accident reporting can increase safety at work

Prevention is always better than cure. Take a look at our Risk Assessment Training, it could prevent a number of accidents from happening in your workplace.

Accident Reporting Training Course Contents

1. The background of accident reporting

This section looks at the importance of keeping accident records. It includes information about Accident Books and data protection laws. It also explains what RIDDOR is and its relevance to accident reporting.

2. What should be recorded?

This short section looks at what MUST be recorded, and what COULD be put in your Accident Book, depending on what level of reporting your organisation uses.

3. Reporting an accident

This final section is all about completing a report. It explains what information might be needed and suggests things that might be included in the report that you may not have thought about.


Duration: 15 Minutes


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